June 11th, 2004



O2 are incompitent as ever, but this time in my interest!

First my monthly tariff is £30 a month, then you have non-inclusive texts, MMS and voice calls which usually makes my bill somewhere around £35 on average. However, today I received a bill notification asking me for £22.21 (which will be stolen by direct debit at some point).

Now as you can see the basics behind this 22.21 bill is beyond me, so I check my bill. It seems for some odd reason O2 have just decided to lump on a GPRS Bundle credit at -£15.00, I'm baffled at this as I have media messaging which doesn't allow for GPRS usage (by laptop, only for wap) so I'm curious why they have randomly decided this, but as you can tell I'm not curious enough to ring them and have them figure it all out and risk loosing my KNOO FREE CASHE.