June 18th, 2004


Good fucking lord...

.... tonight is going to cost me a mint. I was expecting to take a BUS in to Devizes for 8pm, however, the bus runs from 6 then again at 9, fuckers. So now I'm out of pocket £15 by taxi, then drinks and such, so £40 in cash and finally it's going to cost me £20 to get home because Devizes taxis jack up their fares "after hours", right fucking scam, fucking pikey taxi shits.

Anyways, other than the sheer cost of it, I suspect I shall have fun and be fucked by the time I fall out of the taxi and face first into the road just infront of the house. Hoorah for alko-hall.

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Oh look, I've turned my music up, as if by accident, too bad I can't be arsed to turn it down.

I love being mean and horrible to the cuntbours.