September 1st, 2004


[Cock Hungry Teen Sluts] HOORAH!

YAY! I have only 95p to live off of until Friday, bless and somehow my NatWest account (completely unused) has managed to go overdrawn as of tonight so there's a £25 charge coming my way!

I also had to borrow £20 earlier today because First Direct managed to scrum up £17 in various items and run them today of all days after running a ton yesterday causing me to do the same yesterday by cashing in my £11 in coins along with magicking up £163 for the car loan transfer that I had to cancel last Wednesday.

I also need to go without for the next fortnight and pay off the credit card in larger-than £50 sums every month (I have a two week pay period that is my "slow time" [read: no DDs/SOs or other required payments]). GOD I HATE MONEY.

In other less important news we've had something large and annoying delivered.

Posted by Kevin Costelloe to Cock Hungry Teen Sluts at 9/1/2004 11:13:15 AM