November 13th, 2004

Cheerleader Cherie

Ich wünsche Pocken nach Ihrem Telefonnetz!

So far today after waking up at 9:30 I have been doing various things, such as working on my newly branded "production" company. I can't exactly call it "" because that would be nafftastic. I did however select a much cooler name which I remembered flamingkitties telling me about a while back.

I shall refrain from telling you the story as I'm shit at telling stories, but she called a production thingy she was doing in school college "Rocket Science", so I stole the idea and gave it a more OMG KOOLer version of the name, I came up with Rakete Wissenschaft Produktionen (Rocket Science Productions).

So during the morning I've been trying to get to work and it's being shite, I've got as far as the number being activated BUT it won't log in properly most times and the voicemail although activated doesn't work. Poop.

So now I'm going to move on for a bit and see if I can get Pinnicle on one of the PCs so I can start doing my videos outside of iPoovie. I also need to contenterise the website and allow for downloads of my videos.

Saturday should be funtastic, assuming of course my stomache doesn't EXPLODE from the amount of deep fried shit I ate last night.