November 17th, 2004


Cunting whores (my auto-fill says I've used this title before)

O2 are going to die.

Today, not being my billing date, they have taken £177 out of my account by way of direct debit. Now I know I'm covered by the direct debit guarentee, but I'm still not amused as now seeing as I didn't have £177 available in my account I'm going to be hit with two fees, both at £40 each. Yeah thanks.

So today I will be making a nasty vicious phone call to them and I'll be doing it to the wrong department on an 0870 number as I refuse to pay over the odds to have some muppet "ummm" and "uhhh" over it then tell me he doesn't know why and he's sorry. I also suspect they'll restrict my services over the next few days as the automated billing system is a pile of shit which will bar your service over just about any fuck up on O2's part.


No death for you today.

So I have averted O2's evil plan, I contacted the bank and covered my ass with that wonderful "Direct Debit Guarentee" I hear people speak about on the moving picture box.

Hooray for bank goodness!

I also sent a shitty email to o2 and I'll get around to trying to call them again. But notice at national rates I'm not one for sitting on the line being sent from department to department (funny that, when you owe them everybody wants to speak with you, even the cleaners).

Signs that your brain may just be dead.

Customer Service Lady: Mr. Costelloe, can you provide me with letter number X from your password?
Me: Yes, K for Cake, no wait, for Queen, err, Cat, ARGH!
Customer Service Lady: *laughing (at me)* don't worry sir, I know what you mean.

I swear I can be a real idiot sometimes and when I am it goes far beyond "harr harr that was funny" stupid, it's actually more like "MY MUM AND DAD ARE BROTHER AND SISTER HURR HURR HURR!" funny style.

Also in unrelated news: Playing with MoblogUK, seems genious enough. And yes I do realise that I know have about 18 thousand of these things running, but I can't help but abuse the shit out of anything that is remotely interesting.

edit: I should also mention here, that my email address for my mobile phone is madsquirrels (at) o2 dot co dot uk, why does this matter, well it doesn't at the minute but should it ever become interesting and useful I'll let you know.