December 1st, 2004


Shauntel say (2004-12-01 11:23:32)

How boring is today? Tried to look for samples but none to be picked! And various other items.

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Cheerleader Cherie


It's offical: The universe is settling the score with me for the past 21 years.

In other news by splashing out for £35 in petrol (that I couldn't afford in the first place) I may have the chance to actually do something this weekend instead of looking at the fuel needle pointing to "HA HA YOU HAVE LESS MONEY THAN A TRAMP".

Which would be a nice change. I've got to ring the agency up tomorrow to chase up this possible permenant job in Warminster (hooray £14k). I could see flamingkitties on a daily basis! It would also save me on this fucking school run x3 commute route (KTHNX HIGHWAYS AGENCY/NOTWORK FAIL).

And now to consume more caffine by way of over sugared coca-cola drink.