January 5th, 2005


I hate you people.

For those who have been paying attention to my ramblings, you're probably aware I'm being text spammed by some bitch. Now I know her number and I've delt with the web-based service that is allowing her to text constantly with "I'M SO HURNEY 4 U, CUM TXT ME K".

But now she's crossed that line, you see I had her account closed for spamming (as you do) and the bitch has started back up on the same service. Fine fair enough, I'll play your game.

Our spammette is one Jenny Shaw and her mobile number is 07736 036 298, not only that, but her email address seems to be shawshoresure@hotmail.com.

Now if this wasn't enough for just about anybody I've got more. According to Nominet whois on kissmyxxx.co.uk, which is the company she's spamming for, has the address of:

95 Selby Road
West Bridgford

The domain is registered to 'individual' so mark anything you send to the attention of kissmyxxx.co.uk (or 'that fucking bitch' for all I care).

But to twist my knife in some more, here are some email addresses from kissmyxxx.co.uk for spam bots to consume: stu@kmxxx.co.uk, info@kissmyxxx.co.uk and emma@kissmyxxx.co.uk.

Oh and next time kids, pick a service provider that won't send your mobile number to people you spam, it'll only end in tears (for you).

UPDATE: The provider of her shortcode is Cumeleus, who are contactable on 0870 460 7036. Also, a chat with her has been place in the comments under boyzici's transscript.