January 6th, 2005

Mon Chapeau

Is it just me

or does anybody else ph34r teh corporation?

No we will not be closing livejournal they say as they purge the databases. I might sound paranoid, but I'm expecting a large "outage" that will "irreversibly damage the data" which then finds LJ come back as a mutant typepad service....


I swear I give up now.

The bank have authorised TWO charges on my card even though my account has had a big fat £0 in it during this time. But it's MY FAULT that they authorised these charges and now my card is canceled and I'm being sent a fucking Solo card.

Next my cunt bag agency have't paid my holiday pay and my account will still be £44 overdrawn. Mind the only reason it's £200 over the limit now is because the fucking bank charged me £170 in bank fees (including a £40 fee for bouncing my car insurance yesterday).

Fuck this shit.