January 14th, 2005



I'm going to write a really shitty letter to West Wilts CC in regards to the fucking speed mountains on the bike path-cum-road to the multi-storey car park Emery Gate. First of all nobody can do anything more than 20mph (if you're living dangerously that is) and small cars like mine get fucked proper stylee.

As I mounted one of these things All you could hear was a "Skeeeeeerch" which was the sound of my under carriage being ripped to shit, then I meet the beast as I get in to the car park.

This fucking metal mountain was a cunt, it had bits of metal sticking out so I had to stop and make sure they were going to hit the right bit of the car and not my tyres, then as I go I make it until the tyres loose grip and skid against the metal so I have to reverse and kamakazee this thing, to which I get greeted with another sound that quite possibly means my car is now no longer road worthy.

Seriously, what stupid cunt thought that up (if you know who did, shop them, SHOP THEM GOOD)?