February 4th, 2005



I've received a £15 charge, most likely for the cunting bank to send me a letter demanding money or else they'll ruin me. Great.

They obviously haven't come to the realisation that I have nothing to give, therefore there is not much they can take.

edit: it's just a DD being returned, it's in the lower class of charges.
Little Miss Constipated


Today I nearly removed a cyclist from the planet, thankfully it would have been his fault for being a moron.

I was on the big traffic light controlled roundabout from hell (Bridge Centre, Chippenham), got through the first two signals and got held up behind three other cars at the final one before my exit, I was followed in by a BMW. Now this lane that I'm in is big enough for three cars, so I'm sort of perched behind the three across one lane, and the BMW has taken the third lane.

Now this cyclist, undertook on the left, which meant when I started to go I couldn't see him as the left wing mirror was on an odd angle and my right and rear were full up with BMW, so as I'm straightening in to my lane this knob end shoots past in the narrow gap between my nose (of the car) and the kerb, so I have to quickly take up the second lane and pass the cunt as he decided that instead of keeping left he'd much rather stay centre.

This by all means is not my first encounter with him, I've had a few other ones where he has proven he's an idiot, so it's not just me.