March 3rd, 2005



So anyways, last night and the police. Well after going out with David to see Neil & Amy, David realised he needed a calculator for this course he's on today. Now instead of buying one at the shop in the morning he insisted on grabbing one from work.

I was asleep in the passengers seat as I was a passenger, David parked up in the company car park and went in. Within seconds I hear a thud and ignored it as I'm almost asleep, then I open my eyes and see two police hovering around the car, one of them is running the number plate and the other wants words with me.

So the officer with me is getting my details and asking me questions like "what are you here for" etc etc, appearently this is because there were some break ins on the estate, but I couldn't give a toss.

In the end they found that of course nothing was wrong and that we had a reason to be there, mind, they haven't spoke to David as he was still in the building.

So they get a call to bugger off somewhere else and say "We've got a call, just tell your mate to get a rear number plate" to which I respond "there is a rear number plate." I pop out of the car and wipe the dirt off the back, voila, sorted.

Mon Chapeau

OMGLOL NO!"!!111212112213712275477834

Hm, people have unfriended me recently, although not something to care much about, it shows that I have a disturbing trend in to whiney and moaningness. Which is shitastic.

I think it's time I spend less time moaning how much my life sucks and just get on with doing the crazy that I do do #do, do do do#.

It is decided, I shall lighten up and do cool things like, pet kittens, over throw the monarchy and kill many people in an uprising on one of the many small islands I've had plans to invade for years.

Failing that I'll sample the night life in Melksham.
Cheerleader Cherie


I'm having very vivid zombie dreams again, It's been a number of days in a row now and It's beyond odd now. Either my brain is trying to tell me something or It's a higher being trying to warn me of the end of civilisation. however, it could also mean i'm going mad. either or i think I'll be able to make a series of zombie films before we all die or i get sectioned.