March 19th, 2005

Cock around the clock

Spring Clean!

I'm cleaning, hooray!

What I've done is created a new database and a mirror site of the orignal, however, this new database contains no data, therefore I must insert every item by hand, which as long winded as it sounds (and yes I know I can just export the sql file from the old and import it to the new) it is a very good thing as I can edit swearing and allow google adsense to LOVE me HARD.

I'm also re-writing all my start up errors, such as creating sections for static pages (when you can type them up manually on the menu interface).

If you have an account on it will cease to be, so you'll need to re-register.
Cock around the clock


This is going to take longer than I thought. You see the Mambo on MadSquirrels 1 has shagged the data so I can't open up certain items and rip the HTML directly, so now I've got to parse the data from the poxy database and repaste it. This is a stupidly long process.