June 15th, 2005

Cheerleader Cherie


1: Rang the man about my car, he's coming by again this evening (as I missed him yesterday evening) with the insurance details.

2: Tried to argue the £35 "card misuse" charge, I failed. Next step issue a £50 "processing time misuse" charge to NatWest, if they don't pay, then I'll take them to court and CCJ them to infinity.

3: Bored. And I need to go to Morrisons for lunch, but I also need to take the way that I can make left turns, rather than right turns (my reasoning is obvious).

4: Somebody broke down on the A350 this morning. Supprisingly the police didn't show to direct traffic and decided it was best to let people handle it themselves, causing queues for 5 miles. One bike cop did drive by at one point and indicated for everybody to stay left just because he could.
Cheerleader Cherie

Leik omg!

I had the funniest thing ever. But i forgot what it was (sad face). Also anybody on o2 uk having problems with the @o2.co.uk pop account on their phone?