June 24th, 2005

Cheerleader Cherie

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Sort of, well, not exactly.

Grimnir has been fulled with Suse 9.1 LAMP goodness, but I'm not exactly sure if I might re-install the OS as I'm going to give cPanel a go but I might just get farked off with it if it's a whore to install, then I might consider Webmin failing that it's all manual editing from there bitches.

If I do get cPanel running I will feel the need to claw back some of the licence dollar, so for those who are interested (and if it works and shit) I'm willing to offer £1/month (with crazy limits) hosting to friends (and possbily friends of friends) but no fixed yay or nay if that'll happen.

After Grimnir is fully set-up Plunder.it will be my first task to bring back up, shortly followed by MadSquirrels.com, etc, etc whatever.

More news later.


I've resorted to installing Fedora 3, I need to (somehow) install Apache, MySQL and PHP and possibly a mail server of some kind.

Failing that, it's SuSE LAMP 8.2.