July 1st, 2005

Shaggy shaggy!

Decisions, Decisions.

I have a dilemma.

MadSquirrels.com has been shutdown since mid June because the hosting provider was shit-tastic. My choice is I either bring it back up, or I somewhat shut it down. By that I mean pointing it to www.msol.dk/blog/ (or something like that) and just customise my LJ in to the MSOL style.

I could bring it up in about 5 hours if I really tried (and stopped drifting off in to porn paradise) but the effort to maintain it and keep it fresh is a bit much at times. Hmm.

On one point I want to close it because I can't be fucked with it, but on another I can't stop whoring myself online. LEIK I NEED TEH AD-V-EYE-CEE. Or something.