July 24th, 2005


My Sunday

I decided rather than motor off to Sainsbury's or Tesco (or even ASDA 30 miles away), I would go to Aldi. I pulled fifty notes out of the cash point and made that my bugdet. I expected to get a fair bit since their prices are much better than the big names and I'm not fussy with that branding business.

But I didn't expect to get a boot full of stuff! I bought loads of part baked baguettes for my lunches, a few pots of sandwich filler, crisps for a month, cheapo cola and a few frozen bits and cooked meats as well as the usual tinned goodness of curries, etc.

I'm most impressed, that would have been about 100ish notes from the other places.

Other than that I've got to bake my baguette for tomorrow and make my packed lunch.

I've also found out what happened with my insurance payment this month, for some reason, which is beyond anybody at NatWest, they cancelled Direct Line's direct debit (without my authorisation) and instead of returning it with 'Direct Debit Cancelled' or similar, they noted down 'Account Closed'.

I really should have demanded some kind of compensation for such and outragous act (have you ever tried to explain to an insurance company to trust you that your account is open when your bank is saying otherwise?) but I couldn't be arsed.


It looks like BBC management are looking to get TOTP axed. It's just a feeling I have seeing the new presenter combination of Ferne Cotton and Jeremy Clarkson.