July 27th, 2005



Since I'm bored, I sent a photo by email from my phone and checked the headers (yes I am that bored). It was quite nice to see the three give out your number in their headers:

Received: from ([])
by bmummr2mt13.um.three.co.uk (MOS 3.5.5-GR)
with ESMTP id AKU04395 (AUTH 4477XXXXXXXX);
Wed, 27 Jul 2005 11:36:11 +0100 (BST)

(Where 4477XXXXXXXX = my full number)

Also picked up my phone from the post office and I gleefully await this weekend's number porting.

Not having that.

I'm going to make a complaint to NatWest's banking ombudsman.

First the direct line direct debit was sent back with "Account Closed" and now, I find that the AA have sent me a credit default letter. No seriously, a fucking default letter, because NatWest cancelled the direct debit on the 8th, didn't inform me or the AA and when it came time to pay this month's installment they bounced it back because the direct debit was cancelled (it didn't even go in to my funds filled account).

I'm extremely narked now, absofuckingloutley fucked off with them. I will also include some kind of letter demanding money, because if I were to pull this shit on them no doubt they'd concoct a charge for it.

The AA are now fine and await the direct debit being re-instated and won't be taking me to court or demanding a lump sum. If it had gone the other way I'd be out tonight with a jerry can of petrol and some petrol soaked rags visiting all the NatWest branches in my area.

Fucking cunting banks.