August 4th, 2005


Always when you least need it.

My home phone has developed an annoying problem on the day of my telephone interview. It connects, then hangs up leaving the third party on silence. So I've rang in to Vodafone giving them David's number, which also has problems and no doubt will decided to bite me in the arse later today.

So once I get back from Swindon I'll be outside with the telewest box making sure it's dry as fuck and covering it with a carrier bag until my important phone call is done. I've also got to find a fixed wired phone to put on the end of the line in case the DECT phone goes potty (which no doubt at this rate it will).

But this is assuming that the chap from Vodafone recruitment will be able to pass along my new number before the interview call.

I'm a psychic.

Кевин says: (21:04:31)
.... I should mention it's euros in that time. Since Tony Blair signed us up in 2010 to the euro everybody else thought 'hey lets go euro'. America was the only one who didn't and now they're poor. HA