August 15th, 2005

Cheerleader Cherie


Only a 10-11 days until I'm paid. Until then, I'm stuck eating or drinking as the case may be, corporate approved vending machine gruel.


I've got a free lunch of vending machine defined soup. Today I found the one that does chicken flavoured hot water. Swish. It's just as nasty as the tomato flavoured 'soup' but with a chicken flavour! And best yet I have have 4 full servings a day!

I need a higher paying job, or at least a client base.

YAY! - ALL TEH MEIN!!111 (No link since I'd rather not have them find my LJ & friends only).

My new task is to sort out this mess, I've got to go through and find all the images without codes. Personally I'm going to start on the rainwater goods and all the domestic and the civils stuff I know anything about (AquaSmell, DeepThroatLine, etc) and then dabble with the drawings of the bits. Which in truth I'm going to find an arse since I'm little on the Utilities stuff.

If you're bored and want something to do, just go about the site and try and search for stuff like rainwater or product names (Aquacell, Roundline, Deepline, Superline, Push fit, OsmaWeld, OsmaDrain, etc) and see which comes up with the least images (since most are un-catagorised) and let me know and I'll do TEH ADMINISTRUTENIONERISATION on it.

Btw, for TEH H4X0R5, I've changed my password from the default so don't bother.
Cheerleader Cherie


I thought AOL was teh spamming since I received an email with the subject Use leikomgwtflolz on AOL for 50 Days FREE.

But it turns out I created a screen name leikomgwtflolz just to get the free email address.
Cheerleader Cherie


Anybody who uses AIM I've switched from M4dSquirrels to KevinCostelloe. Everything is turning in to a trend of me using my full name rather than MadSquirrels.

No idea why, but I suspect it's because I'm just having a phase.