September 3rd, 2005

Cheerleader Cherie

whisky tango foxtrot

How fucking annoying i just rubbed my phone against my trousers and some how managed to make two large scratches on the screen and you can't change the fascia for it. I may try some cd repair shit to see if that works. If not well i can either live with it or do an ebay upgrade. I swear the fucking universe hates me or something. Maybe i should go emo and blame a ladder for my woes.
Shaggy shaggy!


For those un-aware I have one of those moblogs (again), but not one of those poncy ones I stop posting to because it's a farking pain in the arse to do so. Oh no, this one is run by my network so it's easy as a 3p whore.

So if you're interested check There isn't any kind of rss crap either so you'll need to manually check it every so often.