October 8th, 2005

Cheerleader Cherie

Me so bored!

Yes I am again bored. But I have an idea to end my boredom!

Because of the sheer magic of Voice Over IP and since I've got a german sipgate account sitting around doing nil at the minute you are more than welcome to join my answerphone challenge!

My challenge is to make the silliest answerphone message possible, anything at all for no particular reason and leave it on one of the numbers below. Mind the greeting on the answerphone is german so it'll say something like "Blahen blahen blaneh, sipgate, blahen blahen null drei null....".

The numbers are:

UK: 0870 340 0076
US: 360 515 4421
DE: 030 868 704 811
Intl: +49 30 868 104 811
Sip: 8704811(!at)sipgate.de
Cheerleader Cherie

Modification of the style to add increased traffic for bukkake.

Well, I've found my solution to the MadSquirrels.com connundrum. I want people to visit MadSquirrels.com to see my journal, but I also want to keep using LJ. So they way I made this work is my new style through the magic of the S1 style system.

It gets new visitors to either add me as a friend or view my journal through MadSquirrels.com. This means my posts can be seen on everybodys friends list still, commenting stays as normal and nothing really changes in that sense and my posts then become a part of MadSquirrels.com rather than ruinning two seperate 'sites'.

My next trick is to create a Mambo Component instead of using the JS include, this'll make all my posts static content on MadSquirrels.com, then that way the search bots will include it in search results with the MadSquirrels.com site.

Although it does mean I need to keep my language safe on my LJ posts or else Google AdSense will go ape over the 'excessive use of foul language'.
Cock around the clock

pwned!!!111 R0XX0R.


Although the text is still centre justified I've managed to not destroy the site with my mad mysql table editing. WERD.

The story so far is that I created my component (com_livejournal), although the system didn't recognise it as a component even though you could access it through /index.php?option=com_livejournal, so I edited the table xxx_components to, er, "push it in the right direction before I whomped it in the farking face with an axe".

It seems to have worked so now google bot is picking up on it and so is the network standards spider in regards to adsense because it's now being pulled from the server and parsed in rather than by the client through a JS include.

Now once I get this justification business sorted out I'll be in heaven. If anybody has even the remotest idea on why it may be occuring I'd enjoy your opinion.

edit: I'm also aware one of the graphics on the new LJ style is un-balanced, which I shall be sorting now.