October 14th, 2005

Cheerleader Cherie

Mobile crap.

I've just switched over from my acient 3toGo price plan to Online 675 (75 voice & 600 texts). I have a feeling this is probably a good idea since I seem to spend about £20 a month in normal usage, but if it wasn't a good idea, well, I'm a bit shagged since I can't revert back.

But on the birghtside I'm not tied in to some bizzare 12/18 month contract. So it's all sound.


I don't know what this toe rags have seen or done, so my best option instead of fucking about with this shit is to reinstall grimnir. I'll be backing up what I can and then it's all done from scratch (with new passwords)

And now.

Grimnir is having it's mind erased and replaced with a new imporved operating system with NEW passwords and a weekends worth of sitting on my ass uploading shit again.


But I guess c'est la vie, on this intarweb there will always be useless spotty kids who have to ruin things for others because they're too pathetic to go outside and be sociable.