November 4th, 2005


It's all good.

My installer man came early today! Huzzah! Free trip to work now (I won't be billed the flat per day rate for today, I think)!

He's done an extremely good job, it's so good that other than the aerial at the top of the drivers side windscreen (not inhibiting view) I wouldn't even know the box was there. In fact, I can't even find the box. Seriously, I can't. He's mapped it as in the boot on the drivers side but I had a look and couldn't find it. The only place I think it could be is under the mat that hides the spare tyre which I'll pull up later to have a look. Otherwise it might be under the bonnet.

But I do know it's in there somewhere since Norwich union have confirmed the reception of data from it.

Also, later today I need to write a scathing letter to Direct Line about ignoring a direct request (nay, more like a demand) to keep the car covered until the date specified. I will also include a copy of the orginal letter (below) As well as a demand at the end of the month for the excess cost of starting my policy without the box (which I'll include a copy of!).

Direct Line Insurance
PO Box 75

Date: 27-Oct-05
Reference: Cancellation of policy XXXXXXXXXX

To Whom It May Concern:

I wish to cancel my motor policy XXXXXXXX on 4 November 2005 as I have found a better rate elsewhere, my new policy comes in to effect from 00:01 on 4 November.

I have enclosed the Statutory Declaration, as I am unable to locate my Certificate of Motor Insurance and if it is located I will return it to this address.

Could you also please provide a written confirmation of my no claims discount in the event I am required to provide such evidence to my new insurance company.


Kevin Welford-Costelloe
Generic Peggy Girl!


This is a diagram of my car, except it's not a saloon, it only has two doors and it's not automatic either.

That grey thing in the windscreen is the aerial ('shopped in) and the circle on the boot is the box, but I've looked in that general area and it's not there! Is rather annoying now, I want to know where he's hidden it since he's done a good job. Bah damn you curiosity, I shall make you pay!