November 6th, 2005

Jean-François - Spy

Weekend Update.

I've been working on Plastic Robot tonight since, er, not long. Plastic Robot is going to be the name of my soon to be production company thingy which hopefully will be filled with the MadSquirrels Podcast (I'm now playing around with Audacity) and my various video programme things.

For the first programme I shall resurect from the dead is Wheel of Misfortune, but I need to find an art/stationary shop since it'll require some kind of set to be made (it's a game show style thing with plastercene men [basically since it's illegal to torture other humans for entertainment a work around is required] being smashed to bits and the occasional firey death). Then the famous Mr. Man's Misadventures, similar concept except childish destruction rather than a fixed format. And finally, once I get my shit together a Zombie film!

Yes, I want to make a B-Movie style Zombie horror film, since I have such vivid Zombie dreams that can easily be put to good use. That will be much later on when I can afford a good camera (the Sony PD-170P - hopefully) and a new video editing computer, but that's a few years in the making (the camera alone is £3,000 ).