November 25th, 2005



I'm almost savage at Direct Line now because of their unforgiveable fuck up.

Basically I've received this months statement with one day @ £2.50 and all my usage completely off the statement which means I'll be bombarded with next months bill, this is Norwich Union's problem but I suspect it has alot to do with the change of policy a day before the install. So it is quite possible that my box is still attached to the last policy number. If that's they case and they can't recover the data I'm probably stuffed for 25 days @ £2.50 (with no allowance) which will drive me mental.

They've also hiked up my 500+ miles off peak charge to 2p from 1.5p (I know it sounds silly, but that's 50p extra per hundred miles and if I do go past the 500 mark I'd probably need that savings), so I'll have to go through my paperwork and verify this before ringing back in to see if it can be re-adjusted to the orignal figure.

edit: I've just got off the phone with them, the billing error is theirs but is a direct result of the policy change as they missed off the device number which meant all the data was being applied against a non-existant policy. Thankfully it will be recovered and placed on my next bill. I know it's Norwich Union's error, but if the cunt rags at Direct Line could read then I wouldn't be in this position now.
Cheerleader Cherie

Oh my gosh.

Ouch. Phone bill this month was 63 sheets. 17 of which is classed as messages. It might be in my interest to pack on a few add ons for email and media messages.