November 29th, 2005

I'm not buying it.

Bah humbug

This morning was shocking.

I had to de-ice two cars, both of which were iced as fuck and my windcreen wipers were under about an inch of snow-cum-ice. So I used about half a can of de-icer on mine and about a quarter on David's. It also took me about 15 minutes to get inside my car since all the locks where frozen. And when I did manage to get the passengers side unlocked, the bloody seal on the door had frozen to the chasis.

So then I had to grab a screw driver and a cloth and force the bastard open, which I'm sure looked like I was trying to nick it. It then took another 15 minutes to clear them both up and leave. So I got caught right in the school traffic and got to work 5 minutes late. Bastard weather.

Also, Direct Line haven't cashed my cheque. I have a feeling some kind of threatening note will appear in a few days time.