December 5th, 2005


Weyhey Crazay!

I've got to go in to Shittenham town centre, which should make my insurance rates rocket up. Last time I was almost taken out by a Mondeo who's driver had more important things on her mind, like cutting in and her phone call.

It's such an arse ache to go through it only to be there for about 6 minutes and be off again.

Also, completely NSFW: Chico getting srucky srucky (five dollah lub roo rong trime).

Edit: Shit, that photo is getting mad hits from LJ latest images sites, I'm sure might soon pull it at this rate.


It appears my mouse has exploded. Now I've got to buy a new one.

Anybody know of a cheap but good wireless mouse that is mac compatiable that will last me a minimum of a five year term? And it needs to have a scroll wheel. This temporary one doesn't and it's driving me fucking mad.