December 9th, 2005

Cherie (again)


I've had another zombie dream, I can't call it a nightmare since I always seem to survive. But they are the most vivid dreams I have and it's getting to be a problem.

This one followed the usual try not to get killed and survive in some elevated/below ground compound or on the streets (while obtaining new cars). But it got rather bloody (supprisingly unlike the rest - I tend not to involve myself too much in the loonatic ways of hand to hand combat with zombies, I prefer tank on zombie action), first there were the people who I attempted to let in to my flat thing (it's hard to explain) but decided to take a chilled stroll with the living dead beginning to swarm. Then all three of the dogs managed to become zombie dogs (I'm not sure how, but their eyes went red to indicate their passing [that and the whole 'lets eat the survivors' thing] lead me to belive they were undead dead things), so I had to throw them out a window (RSPCA Notice: They all survived (er, if you can call it that) and continued to try and eat the flesh of the living). But that was nothing compared to part two of my dream.

I woke up for a pee or something and went back to bed, by then I changed venues but still on the same dream. I was at work, I suspect this was because we've got massive gates and it's all fenced off. And was about 300 surviving people in the grounds, the electrics worked, the phones (internal) still worked and radio & television were still broadcasting. All of us were seperated in to groups in about five or six different buildings. I had to call another building, but since I couldn't find a list by building I had to ring up random extentions, ever one of them had changed their voicemail to a good bye message and one even was stopped midway through with '... I love GRAHAHAAHA *scream* [various background sounds]'.

Then there were the people who couldn't stand being there and legged it, only to be consumed by the mob of the dead and the bloke who did teh suicide in the toilets. And for the big finale, a broadcast by the prime minister admitting a government agency was testing a virus in the public and didn't expect for this to occur. Followed shortly by the fire missle which hit the deck seconds after, somehow, in my brains logic, if you kept to the floor and behind something you'd live, everybody standing was incinerated (including the hordes of undead).

It was extremely bizzare as you can clearly see.

In slightly un-related news: No Spanish in our Free Country!