December 12th, 2005

Cherie Blair

Furry is WRONG

This is why Furryism is WRONG and should be mocked:

Narnia rocked. I'd tap the lion 30-40 times in a session, as well as the wolves... *grin* Unfortunately they were missing their bits.

Cherie is making an 'you sick fuck' face.


I've been tempted to go back to O2, but this time with i-mode. But I'm not too keen on the whole 18 month tie down. I've also had a look at T(osh)-Mobile's Sidekick II, but again that's another 18 months.

I think I'll wait 3 months before making another network switch (if any) to make sure I'm making the correct decision. Unlike switching to Online 675 on 3, it's costing me about the same as O2 used to now and it's a bit pointless.