January 19th, 2006

Cheerleader Cherie


Oh boo. I've run out of rather expensive couplings for a sample request, well at least my position here isn't questioned so I'll go grab some out of stock before the paperwork even hits the printer. But don't tell anybody.

In other news this week has been depressing, my supervisor had a bit of family stuff so the tone was rather somber and then on monday one of the blokes we some what* work with died of a heart attack. So it's been one of them weeks.

Now I must go and collect my shopping from the warehouse.

(* we worked with him when we needed any special stuff done like display boards and items cut and occasionally he'd pop over here to chat or grab a Tarts (Twins) calendar - if you're in the UK and like twin ladies with large whambos let me know and I'll post one to you.)
Gooh Gooh Gah Gah

New Animation from Plastic Robot TV

I'm starting to prepare for a new animation I shall be naming Invasion!

So far I have only made these two and I need to find more plasticine (or Play-Do if I start getting desperate!) I shall also be finding some art shops to get board and such to create a rather pants housing estate and sets, etc.

I'm tempted to go all B-Move and make a UFO on a string but that's yet to be decided. I suspect this might be a project that will cost £100 and be finished some time around May (depending on how lazy I am and how long it take to acquire my required items).

I'm not too sure how I'm going to edit this since iMovie is wank, but I might see if David will re-acquire a firewire card and find the (Pinnacle) Studio 7 CDs.

As per my style all scripts will not exist until at least 24 hours before I need to record and possibly no script will ever turn up then, so it's going to be full of awkward silence and shitty lines, as well as continuity fuck ups and just general naff-ness. But that shall begin my downward spiral in to my creative mind and my later productions should be much better and on par with my pre-9 to 5 desk job stuff.

If you're interested I'm putting up the official Invasion! web site now.
Generic Peggy Girl!


I've just found bits and pieces recorded on a DV tape, the best one being the crazy lasery ballon credits I did. The text looks a bit naff and I obviously didn't realise that I'd use the same font for the bug but the music and visuals fit well enough for budget stuff.

I'm going to try and find a firewire cable and put it online for all to see.

I've also found a mini-programme and a few bumpers which I'll get off the tape too.

Seeing this stuff I only did three years ago is really bringing out the urge to to it all again, I'm still looking at a proper camera (like £3k worth of kit) but that's still well down the road. But until then I shall go forward! Huzzah!