January 31st, 2006



Friday, 9am - Hygenist Appointment @ £38/per 30 minutes (and it's going to be 30 minutes ONLY)

Tuesday, 3pm - Root Canal (on the NHS) HUZZAH! I think I shall be getting white fillings on my bottom teeth and metal on the top.

Although it's going to cost me more than the £202.15 quoted for the work.
Little Miss Constipated

Piss off.

I just received a phone call on my home phone. Which is a rather bizzare occurance as the only people who ring on my home number are work, the bank and my insurance company.

But no today I received a phone call from T-Mobile (supposedly) saying my number had been entered in a free draw for a FREE phone. Of course this call came from India and they asked for Mrs or Mr Costelloe so obviously one could smell the shite eminating from the call. I swiftly told him I wasn't interested and he fecked off.

Now this means my prized home number is going to be bombarded with poxy telesales calls. Bastards.