February 2nd, 2006

Jean-François - Spy


Today I just saw a chav'd up SMART CAR. Seriously, blue lights on the windscreen washer squirty things, big "GO FASTER" fin thing at the back and a few "GO FASTER" motor sport stickers.

Only in this backwater town of Chippenham would you see such a sight.

Oh Google.

Google knows all and sees all.

I was bored a moment ago and search various names of people I know. I searched for one person (using the trusty +[county name] to weed out all the annoying people with similar names (really I'm not interested in all that EMO GOTH POEM ROCK bands with members of the exact same name). And it found him and about 30 other people in the same county who also write emo goth poems.

So the moral of the story is: everybody you know has the same name as somebody else who writes emo goth poems.