March 17th, 2006



I've got a quote back on el jimny and it's £635 for clutch, gear box and labour. I think I'm going to go for this, as I've checked the insurance and it's £6 more a month with the same per mile rate.

I only need to sort out the funds and also figure the logistics behind drving an untaxed & un-mot'd (therefor uninsured) car on a 20 mile round trip. The only thing I can think of if it's in a state decent enough to pass a MOT (which I doubt considering the gear box needs replacing [note: the gears work, except you can't use 2nd gear]) I can get it legal though a short term insurance payment (£15 for 10 days) and taxed, but if I can't then I'll have to figure something out.

Ho hum. I'll see what I can muster up tonight and hopefully have an answer.