April 9th, 2006


Internet HATE

I hate the internet. The .eu name space opens and my new name which was going to be freezerburn.eu is taken by some domain hording cunt ball corporation that buys out names to sit there and do sweet FA.

Bastards. Well it looks like I'm keeping MadSquirrels if I like it or not. But there will be a new name change. Thankfully I had the sense to stick DomainDiscount24 (I managed to get a 20% discount) on getting me madsquirrels.eu before anybody else.

I also got tellybox.eu too. I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing with that yet though.

Try this please.


I'm setting up MadSquirrels.eu on Drupal rather than Mambo because it appears to be less buggy than Mambo. Let me know what you think of the theme. It doesn't look too bad on IE & Firefox but on my mac it looks slightly shite. Let me know (and if poss a screen shot to sc@madsquirrels.eu) what it looks like if you're using another browser or a different version to IE6 or Firefox, otherwise I think it's going to be something similar to PlasticRobot.tv.

Cheers all.