April 19th, 2006

Jean-François - Spy

Changes bring goodness.

I have changed my journal layout to a rather nifty sexapart style. I've switched the language to Russian to SHOCK AND AWE and I have changed my journal title to Сочинительства злейшего доктора Кевин (Writings of the evil doctor Kevin).

You better like it because my friends page title is Enemies of the Country, I tried Enemies of the State, but it translated to Enemies of the Position. So that would have gone down the like titanic.

Reason 432

I hate this fucking job because: I'm so skint until next Tuesday I had to buy chips in the canteen with pennies, a whole fucking pocket full of pennies. I am beyond embarrased.
Generic Peggy Girl!


After all this talk of scientology on the wireless I decided to give it a go. And by "give it a go" I mean answer the 200 yes questions which make it harder to say no.

I answered each question with no and by question 15 of 200 I decided to stop reading them and just go nuts on the NOs.

They even gave me a nifty chart which shows me as TOTALLY ABNORMAL which is a sign I wrecked their idiot test which claims to cost $500 a go. Nice.

Here, have a look:

Also, if you're in Minneapolis and need a laugh at some cult folk go down to:
Church of Scientology of Minnesota
1011 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55403
Tel: 612-338-5111

and say you're Jon Wasanaba.

Now I await the scientologists suing me for, er, something as they seem to do when criticised.
Cheerleader Cherie

MadSquirrels.eu = LJ

I've decided I can't be bothered with running two seperate sites but on a
trial period madsquirrels.eu will point to this livejournal. If it appears to
work well then I'll keep it this way, if I get bored with it, then I'll just
have to bring back the proper site.

The 'old' site is going to be available on _www.kevin.uk.cx_
(http://www.kevin.uk.cx) in a few hours.