April 23rd, 2006

I'm not buying it.

Crime of the century

Апр 22-ое 2006

I've commited the crime of the century with the bank and they wholloped a good £60 of "fees" on to my account for it.

My crime you may ask, by going overdrawn by 23p. Yes, a whole 23 pence.

Obviously un-amused by this I rang them up and the woman on the phone must have been bricking it if computer said no to refunding the charges as lets face it, it's under a pound and doesn't warrant even a 'tsk tsk' for. They'll get their poxy 23p back but no need to charge me for it.

I was ready for an all out brawl with them as banks usually defend their charges to the grave, but supprisingly (well it could have had something to do with that bloke off somewhere else who successfully won an unfair charges case against a bank and seized £2,000 worth of assets with the help for the bailiffs) she gave in quickly. She did try and pull the OMG DON'T GO OVER THE OVERDRAFT lecture, but 23p wasn't intentional, it was a 23p miscalculation, so what the fuck did they expect. Me to confess how bad I feel about borrowing 23p off them for 15 days. Fuck that, get a life you cuntballs.

I am happy now that I did get my £60 back and I should probably bury the dead rat I was planning to post to them this morning.

Give me dat money honey.

Апр 22-ое 2006

Ugh. I had to log in to my online banking today to set-up three one off payments (because I don't know the banking details for my former credit card and a few other accounts) and one standing order.

I set my £200 first run spending money to leave on payday for arrival on the 30th of May (I'm going one month a head) then another on the 12th of June for around the 17th of June for £100 (to total up to my £300 spending) then the bills do similar things on the 25th.

Gah, how annoying is it to look at the 74p you have until Tuesday. Life = suckage.