April 30th, 2006

Cock around the clock


Well for those who don't know I have been given a new iMac for my birthing day. It is ace, but what is more ace is iMovie isn't entirely shit and I've got 100GB (+ an external hard drive of 150GB) to make MOVIES AND VIDEOS!

So I have a rather radical idea I'm going to try and put in place, I've got to clean this shit hole of a computer area and I shall build myself a little set (of some kind) for a video podcast!

But it won't be like before where I utterly forgot about my audio podcast because I this time I have the power to do it and I shall!

I've obtained the idea from The Mary And Karla show as it's so simply done and you don't need much to do it, but instead of being a nice looking lady you'll have to put up with fat boy here.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet, but I'll get something whipped up over the next few days just to give some kind of feel for it.
Cherie Blair


I've done a quick test file, there is loads of copyrighted music to get me in trouble wiv da law but I had no other choice as I hadn't loaded my royalty free music on yet.

Also, I look fat.

Test file is here.

I couldn't present to save myself.

Video Podcast 1 - Utter tosh.

Also, having a massive problem with the feed, iTunes insists it's invalid but I doubt it is since they're video files. I'm using feedburner with smartcast on (as I ticked the podcast box) could anybody who podcasts or have some knowledge on why iTunes is being such a cunt be so kind to help me for, er, a financial reward of £0 and 0p?

The feed url is:

The orignal one is http://tv7video.blogspot.com/atom.xml and the blog it's on is the blogspot one.

Many thanks!