May 2nd, 2006



I hate how certain php scripts are bastards for the sake of being bastards.

I'm starting a new version of my wonderful (not) website, and I'm trying to intrigrate a news server (nntp) rather than a forum but I'm using a shared server, so the poster on the web interface is down as the site name (as that's how it needs to login to the BBS).

So I changed news servers to a rather simple piece of software which worked, but the web interface borked out. Not funny.

I'm now back to the old software as I've admitted defeat on my budget of 0.00. I shall need to encourage the future users to use a news client with a personalised (ish) account.

Oh well, at least it works again.

Also I shall reveal the site later on once it's done, but so far it seems to be going foward.