May 8th, 2006

Happy Jappie Chappie

I want.

I want a Syberian Husky, but I can't since it's not right. You need to be able to walk them for miles and keep them occupied, which I coulnd't so it would be cruel to the dog. BUt they're so LOVELY.

Today I am thankful

Harvey wasn't some random dog, or he'd have probably killed me because I managed to hit him with good force with my elbow as I didn't realise he was there. Now instead of violently pwning me he's run off assuming I meant to give him the slap down. Oops. He'll be back up in a minute once it sinks in that I didn't intent to do it.

Email Drama

I'm having an email crisis again. Basically I want to switch, again, even though I said I wouldn't again, only because a) I can't be bothered to contantly check 200 accounts when at my computer and b) because I'd much rather just check my email on my mobile.

So basically I'm being annoying for the sake of it again.

God why am I such a cuntball when it comes to teh emails? Bah, whatever.

I shan't be changing anything around. But, to let you know, kevinwc (a) is my mobile phone. I'd use my 3mail account, but it'll be spammed to death so I'm using the o2 account as a front to allow filering which will be done with spam arrest. Huzzah! Hows that?

Nevermind, it appears that there is a slight malifunction in 3's external mail collection. Dorf.