May 22nd, 2006

Gooh Gooh Gah Gah

Eurovision and I hate work.

Well Eurovision was, er, interesting. The performance by Lordi was probably the best I have ever seen and seeing as the UK is one of the larger funders of the contest, it's safe to say that was the licence fee well spent.

Although it is a bit of a shit that bLiars regime has twisted Europe against us (more than their previous dislike of the UK) to give us dismal points in the contest AGAIN. I think that a Prime Minister should be accountable to Eurovision scoring seeing as he hasn't listened to the people, we should put it in law. And it shall be called the Eurovision Act 2006, if the UK receives below 30 points in Eurovision the Prime Minister shall be dragged out of number 10 and spanked by Maggie Thatcher on the 6 o'clock news before being sent to "Gitmo Bay" as a terrorist. Maybe then we might get something useful out of our government.

Now for the work h8. I'm here and my head is FULL of slime thanks to this poxy cold I some how obtained. I'm annoyed. It also doesn't help that my head feels as if it's going to EXPLODE. And to make things worse I'm on my own as Chris managed to poison himself yesterday. So my poor exploding head and my rough voice aren't picking up the phone (would you like to hear somebody gobbing down the phone at you?) and work is pretty much at nil while I surf t'internet and put things in to the system inbetween ramming an entire bog roll up my nose to collect and dispose of the contents of my sinuses.

I also hope that place I put my CV in to gets back to me before the end of the week for an interview (again before the end of the week) or I'll have to decline them as I can't take Tuesday off (or I'll be SLAUGHTERED by my manageress) and beyond that I'm not flying back for an interview (sorry).

Also in regards to my trip, my vonage line has been used to the fucking tits, they're probably wondering what is going on from my near nil usage to about 70 phone calls a week (in and out). But thankfully I'm in credit this month, so my phone bill will pay itself (huzzah another £15 for trip money!). I also need to get my root canal finished on thursday. I hope it's less than £75, it can't be more than that can it? I've had the tooth drilled out 3 months ago (this is an NHS dentist remember), so that rather expensive bit of the canal is done, now it needs to be filled and once it does I can rejoyce at being able to use my WHOLE MOUTH to chew (seriously, it's been dificult to avoid eating hard things with the right side of my mouth (I highly doubt a hollow tooth would stand any kind of pressure).

Now I must go and, er, remain stuffed up.