May 26th, 2006



I've woke up now, two hours earlier than required and my head is KILLING ME. I'm also choking on phlem. Today is indeed a good day to die.
Cherie Blair

6:45am = Suckage

So I woke up early this morning because I fell asleep last night at 7pm. Now I'm at work because I needed to go to Tesco.

Oh I also narrowly avoided a proper smash this morning. Obviously I didn't read the part in the highway code that states "before 7am the highway code is null and void so it's carmageddon mutha fuckas". Some tossbag in a 4x4 couldn't be bothered to stop and give me right of way (as is da law) on a roundabout so he barrelled through, I swerved and thankfully because this is a roundabout that enters dual carriage way I didn't fly over the verge in to on coming traffic. I straightened up and merged in to the lane I should have been in if he used his brakes.

Through out the journey this jackass constantly tailgated me and dropped back. In hindsight I should have fucking hit him.