June 5th, 2006



All is not well in my Kingdom. Last night I went in to stress overdrive and started throwing up, not throwing anything up in particular just dry heaving and crying in to the toliet in between heaves.

All this is like super personal but I'm trying to get a hold of David to talk to but I need to wait until he gets home. Hopefully it'll be soon as I've been festering for over 12 hours.

Also I might see if I can end this holiday soon, I don't think I'll last another 11 days.
Little Miss Constipated

Slightly better but not.

I fell slightly better, at least I don't want to get to the airport in 10 minutes now. I've spoken to David which was good until the phone started to go flat and I was susposed to get back to him at 10pm (5pm here) but I missed my exit on the 401 to the 427 and managed to get extremely lost. I took me an hour to find my way back. So I called him at 11pm but he'd gone to bed, which is pretty unusual, but hey my timing is pretty bad sometimes.

Tomorrow I drive to the country side and come back the following day. After that I'm going to try and visit Kira's Graduation thing, but I'm not sure of timings and such. Then Thursday the car is gone from my life. After that 8 days until this horror holiday ends. Hopefully it will get better and they'll fly by. If not then, er, yeah.

Oh and the food is still making me ill. How do you people eat this stuff?