June 17th, 2006

Happy Jappie Chappie


I used an internet kiosk at the airport in Canada, no internet access. Tried to email a LJ post to my gmail, it worked, except it only sent the tag lines and no message.

6 hours flight - 1 hour sleep + 3 hours driving x needing a poo x (traffic)2 = shit time.

Oh and thanks to the welcoming present from the M25, I almost got ran off the road by a coach. Nice. (More later, I'm sweaty and exhausted and I sort of parked my car in an akward position on the drive, when I said I needed a poo I should have mentioned that was when I got on the M23 but smart ass thought he could hold it for a 100 mile journey. In future I will use the services toilets regardless of state.

But in better news:


Good day.
Cheerleader Cherie

Mobile posting, lazy man's sex toy.

So far today after i got in i was determined to have a shower. So much so i stripped down. That was at around half one. I'm still naked and haven't yet got around to this shower. Maybe i will or maybe i'll remain un-clothed until tomorrow morning. I'm attempting to stay awake late tonight to shock my system back to normal time. I'm also feeling ill from not eating but i blame the nudity and air conditioning.