June 19th, 2006

Generic Peggy Girl!

Phone Pics.

Didn't take many of them because the only reason I take photos on my phone is because I intend to use them that instant in a media message with a time sensitive pun, joke and/or offensive sweary message.

I did however take like four pictures on the phone when something stood out enough for it to count. With the exception of the hot sauce which is in the fridge at home all of the photos are in Canadaland. Which I'm missing now as I forgot to go to that little mexican resturaunt across from the tram yard on, er, Bathurst and, uh, Dupont I think.

On to the photos:

1 photo: The flags have spread!

3 photos: Crazy staring man, hot sauce joy, Tha Po-leece "undercover" and 1 video: dance woman dance.

Info: the video is from Kira (epona_dru's birthday drinks party. I had consumed 6 bottles of Carlsberg which is appearently odd in the eyes of Canadianstan people. Oh well, Kira was also drunk to, so I made her dance for the video. Slightly loud too so turn the volume down if you're in an office.

Also more photos once I figure out why my computer is randomly turning off and not powering back up.
Cherie Blair



I visited my friend Josh in his Toronto flat and he is starting his website, it is LandPirates.ca. View the video and you'll see what it's about.

So would you visit the site and share it among friends to generate interest. Hopefully soon he'll send me some videos to mash together and the site will start to take shape.