July 1st, 2006




On 2nd September, 2006 I have 3-4 available seats (2-3 if Miss Kitties would like to attend!) in my car for the red bull air race in Longleat, if you want to come email me on mail -@- kevin.la or text me on 07734 653887. There is no cost to you. All you need to do is make your way to Melksham or if you're local I'll come an collect you. If you need to park up I'll find somewhere to dump your car.

So act now on this exclusive offer. As my card has just been ass raped for £35!

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Cheerleader Cherie

Open the pockets and find!

I've just been hanging up clothes I had while in Canada (yeah, I know,
slightly lazy) and 45ct fell out with a cinema ticket, a train/tram transfer
and a receipt for $4.37 at the Japanese store for RARMEN ($2.39) abd GLICO
($1.85) and various taxes. How odd!
Cheerleader Cherie

Pay this.

The best thing about having a card with the flag of saint george and a general football theme is that you become the coolest person on earth on the day of an england match.