July 7th, 2006

Vagina Science!

Today I hate Gloucestershire.

M4/M5 on a friday afternoon = bad news. I managed to not follow the advice of the TomTom twice on the M4/M5 change over and missed my exit so I had to swoop around again before going to Wales. The M4 was rather easy but the M5 could only be described as a high speed death derby.

Caravans and lorries in just about every lane possible (including lane 3!) and a number of the usual suspects (middle lane hoggers, morons and the like) but I made it to Cheltenham in one peice. Until of course their dodgy one way systems and strange public parking signage started to get rather confusing.

I also managed to get stung on parking. It's amazing how the local council won't give you grace on two minutes. I should have gone back out on the high street for a futher 55 minutes seeing as I bloody well paid for it. But whatever as is life.

Then the TomTom which decided to take me down the motorway route decided to bring me back through some dodgy roads. In hindsight I should have just aimed for the M5 but instead I blindly followed it's not-so-quick route down the Hills Have Eyes way. Hooray!

Thankfully I will probably never have to go anywhere near Cheltenham again, but it was worth it to get my CV across to a company in Cirencester (20 minutes-ish on top of my trip to Chippers).


I should also note I was aiming to park in a Pay By Phone car park as the only change I had was the dog food money, which as it says on the tin was for dog food. But I couldn't find it, so now my details are registered with this parking firm to which I'll never use at all. What a waste of technology.