July 11th, 2006


Dude, just like dude.

To National Wanksminster Bank:

As I'm not in the least bit interested in talking to your call centre to ask (and lets face it with what you’re charging me you can bloody well call me and pay for the call), I'd like to enquire about the £30 charge on my account on the 10th of July "REFERAL CHARGE, FOR JUNE" as it's been so aptly named. Please explain why you've already charged me £40 on the 30th and this again yesterday, some clarification on your bizarre charging scheme would be most helpful (I'd also assume now that my account is in debit on the 10th that you’ll indeed shaft me for two months of charges as the statement date is on the 15th).

Also, some kind of reply before the end of time it's self would be most appreciated. But I guess while I'm wishing for things I might as well wish for a pony too.