July 13th, 2006

Civil Liberties?


My new diet of 61p two-for-one Tescos lowest grade biscuits with mouldy chocolate bits and Tescos Kick isn't very good for you according to my body and it's protest, but what does it know?

Anyways, good things have happened and my karmatic revenge on the banking industry is near. I've got an advantage gold account I forgot to cancel to go back to a standard account, which was a good idea it seems. I got some shit through for mobile insurance, I registered my phone that day and completely forgot about it until yesterday.

Then it clicked, I've got a bust phone, 3 want £130 to fix it and my banking mobile insurance covers stupidity! Hooray! So I called in and explained what happened, the woman laughed (as you do) and said "you'll be supprised how often that happens" follwed by "I'll send you the claim form, fill it in, if we accept it then we'll fix it in 10 days, if we can't you get a new phone". HOORAY!

The only excess is £30 which isn't bad at all! WIN!

Also, I've been reading this and the anti-car brigade is starting to piss me off. Don't get me wrong, I do agree with some aspects of their arguement but life isn't black and white and seizing a car just because you're 2 minutes late back to a parking meter is a bit cold hearted.