July 14th, 2006

Cheerleader Cherie

Message Board + Humanity = Stupid

This is why I hate humanity:

Originally Posted by spudmail
The thing is, I haven't been abroad with my 3 phone yet!!!! I have a small addiction to shortcode services which is what has caused my bill to be that high :D

I reply
Jesus sweet Marry of holy saints! How many shortcode messages did you send/receive to knock up £517?!

(tip: use this as a cash cow to pay off your bill, get people to paypal £5 to guess the amount, if they're spot on they win a free sim card that you got from superdrug for free, otherwise they've lost £5. Everybody wins and by everybody I mean you.)

He says:
So anyone who wants to enter my competition...£5 entry. Guess the amount of shortcode messages I sent AND received and the person who guesses the nearest to the correct amount by next Friday (21st July) will get my Threepay sim card (brand new!!). Email me spudmail@ for a payment form...

Then comes stupid:
You're not getting a free sim card if your paying £5 to enter this "competition".Why would anyone give their details to a stranger off the net with all the scams that happen? If 100 people "enter" he makes £50. Whats the point in this whole thing?

Shortly followed by my reply:
See: Humour.


Stupid fucking germans.

Germans much like Americans aren't that good with subscription services. Except instead of having to shout down the phone at some American who is 40 hours behind you, you've got to contend with the fact that the German who you're insulting probably doesn't know what "eat my mouldy fucking jizz you kraut cunt" means.