July 19th, 2006

Civil Liberties?

Forward all applications to MacDonalds.

Myself and Mr. boyzici are currently in the "creative process" of building a web site. If you are interested in joining this project you may apply here (on this post by commenting). We require you to have sufficient knowledge in humour (british), satire and the british criminial justice system (but you can blag that using google).

More details will be given to those who are interested in participating in the project.
Civil Liberties?


I wish to obtain this car, has anybody got £8,495.00 kicking about they wouldn't mind giving away? Seriously though, if I come in to better money soon I'll have this bastard and 36 months of loan to follow it. But since I don't then I can't. Bugger.

(btw, the extra few hundred pounds are for the 5 door model, none of this 3 door crap for me!)
Cheerleader Cherie

Best thing on telly.

More television gold, CSI on living tv had an episode on furries and weird furry sex and murder. Bit unfortunate they didn't cover a little known fact killing furries is a public service.